An elderly man sits holding one ankle in pain.

Answering Your Questions About Aching Ankles

It doesn’t matter if you’re standing, sitting, walking, or running — your ankles are front and center in your mind. After all, a little ankle pain is enough to cause a large disruption in your daily ability to walk in comfort, especially as you age.

Thus, we wouldn’t be surprised if you found yourself asking…

Is my ankle pain vein-related?

Understanding the Symptoms

If your ankles are swollen on a regular basis, or if you resist the urge to reach down to itch your ankles or otherwise try to massage persistent pain away, you’re not alone.

Ankle symptoms are actually commonly experienced among patients with venous diseases.

In fact, according to John Hopkins Medicine, symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) include “swelling in your legs or ankles” as well as “brown-colored skin, often near the ankles.”

That being said, it may feel difficult to hone in on your ankles if your entire extremity is subject to these symptoms. And if your entire leg — or simply your foot and/ or lower leg — continually experiences numbness, tingling, pain, itchiness, and more, it’s time to reach out to a vascular provider.

Understanding the Cause

Perhaps you already have an inkling that a more comprehensive venous condition is behind your ankle discomfort, but… how so? What, exactly, might be causing these symptoms?

“Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) isn’t a blood clot, but a condition that occurs when damaged vein valves or a DVT causes long-term pooling of blood and swelling in the legs,” WebMD explains. “If uncontrolled, fluid will leak into the surrounding tissues in the ankles and feet, and may eventually cause skin breakdown and ulceration.”

In other words, improper blood flow is the source.

And, while some lifestyle changes may be enough to prevent or reverse the onset of these symptoms for some patients, your best choice would ultimately be to contact a qualified physician.

Understanding Where to Find Help

Fact: “An estimated 40 percent of people in the United States have CVI,” as reported by Cleveland Clinic. “It occurs more frequently in people over age 50, and more often in women than in men.”

Put simply, venous disease is more common than you might think… as is ankle pain. So, if you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, it’s time to reach out to Duval Vascular Center.

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