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Inheriting Your Health: Is Vascular Disease Genetic?

The big picture of our health cannot be complete without our family’s medical history. After all, what our parents lived with — and even their parents before them — may inevitably come to be our reality as well.

As such, we need to be prepared to either prevent or treat such genetic conditions.

But, what about vascular disease? Is this also a genetic condition?

Can Genetics Be To Blame?

Simply put, yes, it can be.

In fact, “[peripheral arterial disease] is a common, complex disease with both genetic and environmental causes,” the American Heart Association (AHA) explains.

For example, “Several studies indicate a heritable component to PAD. In a study of patients with premature PAD (onset before age 50), half of the subjects’ asymptomatic siblings had occult lower extremity atherosclerosis as determined by duplex ultrasonography,” according to an article published in the National Library of Medicine.

In other words, analysis of siblings who all came from PAD-prone families has shown that they are more likely to experience a build-up of plaque in their legs at an earlier age than other patients might.

What Else Might Be Genetic?

Other related or similarly-functioning conditions that deal with blood flow in the lower extremities — such as varicose veins — are also known for having a genetic component.

“Varicose veins of lower extremities (VVs) affect about 30% of adults in developed countries and cause both cosmetic and health problems,” as reported in 2019. “A strong body of evidence indicates that heredity plays an important role in the etiology of this condition.”

That being said, even if vascular disease is not a specific recurring condition in your family’s medical history, other factors that contribute to its onset may be obesity, diabetes, and more.

Other patients may develop vascular disease as a result of non-genetic lifestyle elements, such as:

  • An unhealthy diet
  • A job that requires constant standing or sitting
  • Infrequent exercise

Who Do I Call For More Answers?

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