The Pathway to Relief: VenaSeal™

Varicose veins and superficial veins alike have the ability to negatively impede your day — from recurring pain and swelling to unsightly bulging veins that leave you self-conscious, it’s perfectly natural to seek a permanent solution that eliminates both the veins and their subsequent symptoms.

Luckily, specialists now have a means of achieving results without heat or internal bruising. Clinically-proven to provide you with relief from your venous symptoms, you can now turn to VenaSeal™ for help.

What Is VenaSeal™?

VenaSeal™ was approved by the FDA in 2015 as a legitimate means of permanently treating and closing both superficial and varicose veins.

“This procedure uses an adhesive to close the vein,” according to the American Vein and Vascular Institute. “It is the only non-thermal, non-tumescent, non-sclerosant procedure approved for use in the U.S. that uses an advanced formulated medical adhesive that closes the diseased vein.”

In other words, VenaSeal™ is a vein glue used to permanently close the vein from the inside. Once shut and hardened, the body simply reabsorbs the vein, thus providing you with long term relief.

How Does VenaSeal™ Work?

VenaSeal™ is administered to diseased veins via catheter and monitored using ultrasound technology. VenaSeal™ also uses its own dispensing “gun,” providing your physician greater control over the release of the adhesive.

Once injected, the VenaSeal™ solution collapses the vein, thereby rerouting blood flow to surrounding healthier veins and improving the body’s overall circulatory functioning.

Based on the safe, effective, and direct nature of the procedure, VenaSeal™ treatments do not require general anesthesia.

What Should I Expect From My Appointment?

Prior to receiving VenaSeal™, your physician will first visually map the venous area of your leg using ultrasound to plan where the adhesive will be administered.

Upon the beginning of your procedure, the area where the catheter is to be inserted will be numbed. You may then feel minor tugging or pulling once the catheter is inserted, and ultrasound technology will be used to guide the placement of the catheter throughout the procedure.

Once completed, the catheter will be removed, a bandage will be placed over the site of the procedure, and you will be provided with a compression stocking to wear over the treated leg.

If you have further questions about VenaSeal™, or if you are ready to schedule a free consultation with your local venous professions, it’s time to contact Duval Vascular Center! The pathway to relief has never been closer. Call us at (904) 518-1398 to schedule your appointment today!